Saturday, 5 September 2009

Manchester Illamasqua Event

(Please!! No more photos lol)

(Top Right:- A work of art in the making)

(Top Left: Mmmm Cocktails :D )

( A little snap of Ithaca, the photo really doesnt do it justice may I add!)

(The lovely Jen AKA MissWorthy and Alex Box after the make over!)

(Strike a pose)

Hey guys

I was lucky enough to attend my very first Blogger Event, which was Illamasqua. It was really great to finally get the opportunity to meet and talk to all you lovely ladies in person!

The event was held at the very luxurious Ithaca, which specialises in Asian fine dining. The event took place upstairs in the exclusive lounge bar, I don't think that Illamasqua could have possibly chosen a more fitting venue. It really felt as though Ithaca had been designed with Illamasqua in mind!
The decor was all a magnificent glossy black, with glass chandeliers hanging from the ceilings.

We were all given an odd looking cocktail on arrival, which was pinky red in colour with a black layer across the top! I really had no clue what the hell I was drinking and to be honest wasn't that keen. However after the third I decided that I quite liked the taste (thanks guys ;)). I then discovered that the bar was a free! Yes free, I felt like a kid in a candy shop at this point.

Eventually after a bit of ice breaking chit chat we all started to have a play with the new Illamasqua range named Dystopia. This range is described as 'Makeup for your alter ego'. Now I must admit that I personally have never tried any of the Illamasqua product range at all. Quite honestly I have never really understood the brand before, and thought it was all a little too out of my comfort zone.

I am pleased to say that after a fantastic speech by the highly influential makeup artist Alex Box. I now have a better idea about what Illamasqua are all about. The concept is to develop makeup that is different and alternative to the norm. The new makeup range Dystopia has been designed to be the opposite to Utopia and is described by Illamasqa as:

'A strong statement of defiant confidence. Where monochrome shades build and blend, brought alive by flashes of intense pink and lurid purple, while dazzling pigments, metallic textures and iridescent finishes all add to the drama of this strikingly uncompromising look'.

After swatching a few of the products I found that the majority was actually very wearable. Even the more bold colours when worn in the right way were really nice.
I was given a mini make over by one of the make up artists at the event.
Now Initially I cannot lie that I was really quite panic stricken by this! I really believed that I was going to end up looking like a charactor from The Rocky Horror Show. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that I quite liked the smokey eye look on myself. Now I cant speak for everyone but for some reason whenever I attempt to create a smokey eye on myself, I some how feel like I have too much makeup on!? :/

I really do think that I will be more inclined to experiment a bit more with eyeshadow from now now on. I have begun to staple myself some what to 'safe' neutral colours which isnt very fun I have to admit.

Another reason why I find myself warming to Illamasqua, is because of the S.O.P.H.I.E Charity which the brand work very closely with. Illamasqua have helped to raise awareness as well as money for the charity over recent years.
We were lucky enough to meet Sophie's mother, Silvia at the event who gave a really heart warming speech about the charity and the progression made towards stamping out hate crime.

I also got chance to watch Alex Box work some of her magic on her model for the evening the lovely MizzWorthy (Jen). The finished look was really fab :)
So flawless that it was almost doll like I would say. Towards the end of the evening we even had the opportunity to speak with Alex. She seemed very keen for us to voice our opinions about the brand and makeup in general. I personally thought this was great, It is nice to voice your own opinions!

Now admittedly I am a complete event novice, therefore I really wasn't at all sure what to expect from Illamasqua. I have to say that it was a little touch and go to start with but overall I had a lovely day! The makeup was surprisingly nice and the food and drink was great too!

As we left we were handed a pink goodie bag to take away with us. Now I was a little puzzled by this because each of us received one product, £20.00,A poster and members card to Ithaca. The downfall to this was that I actually had to return to get my freebie product, because there wasn't one in my bag! :/
I can also speak for a few other people who suffered similar problems.
I must say that It was a little embarrassing returning to retrieve a missing goodie bag item. Due to this fact I think that the goodie bag should have been better oraganised in order to prevent this. Also we all recieved different items so it was a little hit and miss as to whether you would like the product or not :?

Luckily enough though I recieved a grey eyeshadow in shade F2094 (Matter), which is particuly nice may I add so I cannot really complain.
So thats it really I had a great time and I even learnt a thing or too along the way!

Thankyou Jen, Illamasqua and all the gals :D. Hope to See you all soon at Maybelline :D xxx


dressjunkie said...

What a fab post Karen! Sounds like you had an amazing time! LOL @ Rocky Horror Show :D

loulabelle said...

was lovely meeting you hun :)
look forward to seeing you at maybelline xxx

karen1809 said...

Thanks alot guys! :) I did enjoy it I must admit, and it was good to meet everyone. Im glad you enjoyed my post, I am such a novice at this sort of thing but I am getting there. 59 followers now, Go me :D
Really looking forward to Maybelline now that I have got the taste for it lol xxx

Emma said...

Looks like such a fun event. See you at Maybelline xxx