Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sorry :) !

First of all I would like to appologise for the total lack of blog posts lately. This has been due to exam revision, decorating and helping my friend kelly move house. I am I am pleased to say free now and back on the ball :D YAAAAYYYYY !

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Avon Haul

(Avon goodies n baddies lol)

(above: Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick)

(above: Pencil play eyeliner)

Ok so recently purchased a few items of make up from the Avon brochure on impulse may I add :). Why is it that everything seems so damn appealing in those little brochures? Even products you wouldn't usually give a second glance if you saw them at a makeup counter?! Perhaps it is something to do with one too many scratch and sniff pages intoxicating my brain, or the bonus that you can sort of buy now and pay later in a way, who knows but I can safely say I am a sucker for it :P

The products I purchased were the new Avon Spectra Lash Mascara in black, A ColorTend pencil play eyeliner in Turquoise, Colour Trend Read My Lips Lip Gloss in shade 'Start Up Pink' and finally Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick in shade 'Sequins Pink'.

The first product I am going to talk about is the ColourTrend Turquoise eyeliner because it is FAB!!. I am such a great fan of these eyeliners, so much so that I refuse to use any other. I have always had the problem in past where eyeliners do not seem to show up on the waterline. If I was some how lucky enough to get a lick of colour on my waterline, it wouldn't last for very long. I have tried and tested an unbelievable number of liners and suffered the very same problem with each, until I found this product :). These liners create a bold and intense colour that lasts. I have now tried out the black, white and turquoise shades and found that they all live up to the same expectation. At the price of £2.50 each I really do suggest that you all invest in these liners,you really wont be disappointed!

The Spectra Lash Mascara was a bit of a let down to be honest. The concept behind this product is that there are 3 settings, of which you can select on a dial numbered 1 to 3. The more intense you want your lashes to look the higher the setting you are suppose to choose. I am guessing that by turning the dial, this controls how much product gathers onto the application wand. Due to this fact the problem is that instead of an intense set of lashes, you actually end up with lashes resembling spiders legs! :/ Now if this is your kind of thing fair enough, but personally I feel this is never a good look. Luckily the product had an introductory half price offer so I paid only £5 for this mascara. In my personal opinion there are many better mascaras available out there, for arond the same price, so would not recommend this particular product.

Last but not least is the Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick. The colour of this particular lipstick, I think is a lovely shimmery pink colour. It is perfect for a daytime summer look and it has a nice glossy finish. The product I wouldn't say is long lasting because of the glossy effect but in my opinion is definitely worth £6.50.The product actually smells nice and the packaging is quite sleek too.