Monday, 9 November 2009

Prize Pumpkin

Sorry for the very belated post guys! I have been really bogged down with university work lately, you know how it is! Anyway I thought Id steal a bit of time to update my blog :)

We all celebrated Halloween a couple of weeks ago (Yes I know we have had bonfire night, but I am a wee bit behind lol ). Kelly and I thought that this year would be the year we both broke our pumpkin carving virginity, once and for all! :)

With this in mind Kelly held an official ‘Pumpkin Party’ at her house, which was to be a fun filled night comprised of :-

Vodka,  Pumpkin carving, Vodka, Food, Vodka, Adult Cranium (soo much more than a board game!), Oh and did I forget to mention Vodka?! ;)

The pumpkin carving was great fun, I cant believe that I was deprived of this as a child, I mean would you believe, Tut Tut!  Oh I almost forgot to mention that Pumpkins were like gold dust to find on Halloween night. Honestly we searched every supermarket, Garden centre and farm shop in 3 towns, Seriously no joke ! Eventually we were able to buy a couple of deformed looking pumpkins (sorry Kelly and Adam but they were :) ) Luckily we had already purchased 3 in advance so we had enough to share round… Phew!

Any how my boyfriend Gaz won the competition of the best pumpkin design bless him, He really pulled out the stops! I have included some snaps of the final products at the end of this post *Smiles proudly*

Next was Adult Cranium OMG, it was really funny. You work in teams to complete various tasks, some consist of word puzzle, general knowledge, acting, sculpting model clay.The list was endless. I somehow managed to forget the name of Mr T, even after an epic impression by Kelly Hangs head in shame* seriously who else says things like “Quit your Jibber Jabber” ! What was I playing at eh lol :/

The game went on and the vodka kept on flowing until around 3 am, and I was officially arseholed lol. I really had such a fun time will Kelly, Adam, Gaz and all the family = Good Times :)

I didn’t however enjoy the hang over which was to follow the next day!!

Pleasure Pain Theory I guess, But it was so worth it :D xxx

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