Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Never Give Up!

I just thought I would do a short blog post for you all, I appologise for my lack of posts lately, what can I say :/ (*Slaps Hand). I have decided to base this post upon something I think we could all relate to ourselves, in some way.

I saw this poem while I was at work one day and I thought it was brilliant! Almost everyone of us out there has some sort of Goal set for themselves to achieve. This might be to loose weight, kicking a habit of some form, running a marathon....! Either way, We all have a tendency to set these goals relatively high. We also tend to find that when this journey gets a little difficult, or we take an unexpected turn along the path in some way. We find ourselves wanting to GIVE UP!

I am a firm believer in that anything at all that is worth doing in life, is going to take a lot of time and effort in order to get there and achieve it.
Sometimes all we need to get back on track is a little motivation from those who matter most. Along with a subtle nudge towards the right direction, In order to get us back on track again :)

Now we all know that in theory this idea is wonderful. In practise however this is some what different. It would be great if we had someone to motivate us all the time, but in the real world this is unlikely to be the case.

When I read this poem I found it made perfect sense to me, and I think you can apply it to any situation. Just remember one day you will be where you want to be in life. Not only this but the more difficult it was for you to reach this point, the better you will feel! :)

The key to this achievement is never to Give up! No matter how far away you feel you are from achieving your goal. No matter how much crap falls in your path, Remember it is there to test you. You will succeed and reach your very own happy place, so long as you do NOT give in!!! :)

You heard me Kel ;) xx