Friday, 27 February 2009

I know some people may deem this to be sad but i feel that i should dedicate my first real blog post to my best friend kelly!
I have had what i can only describe as a very difficult past few years where I was not myslef at all and was very ill! Kelly has been my rock throughout all the hardship over the years and i really can say that i would not have got through it without her unconditional love and support!
She really does mean the world to me as you can probably imagine, she knows me better than i know myself. This is the reason i decided i would focus my first real blog on kelly as she is with out a doubt a fantastic person who deserves all the credit in the world just for being herself!!
love always smell!
:) x0x0x0x


Kelly said...

Love you Long Time Chick xoxox

Anonymous said...

Awww made me feel all warm. Friendship is just the best *hugs* xx