Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Schwarzkopf Professional: Essensity, Natural Performance, Air Fix Pump Spray Review :)

Above:Essensity Air Fix Pump Spray

Above: Hair after styling in the morning

Above: The quiff in full force

Above:Hair still going strong 10 hours later!

I was recently given the opportunity to sample a new and exciting hair product developed by Schwarzkopf professional. The product is called Essensity Air Fix Pump Spray, which is soon to become available exclusively within Salons. I was only too happy to assist on trying this product for myself.

So what exactly is Essensity? I hear you cry!...
Well the product is described to be a "Medium to Strong control fixing spray, with vacuum dried organic essences of Ash Tree Bark enriched with bamboo extracts". The aim behind this is to provide any style with a strong hold, but with a naturally controlled finish.

Schwarzkopf also claim that Essensity formula is both non sticky and easy to brush out. Not only this ooh no, the spray is also claimed, NOT to leave the hair feeling damp after use.
Too good to be true? Well this was my initial thought after having read this information!

However my expectations of how this product would prove to live up these claims, were I am pleased to say, far greater than I had assumed.

The spray is very easy to use and apply with its pump action, and I also found that the product did go where I had intended to apply it. Because Essensity does not contain any artificial scent enhancers, the smell of the spray isn't great I must admit. However baring in mind the level of synthetics a regular hair spray would contain to disguise this smell, makes this product more desirable.

Now, the next question on your lips is probably, How did the spray perform to its expectation?
In order to give this product a fair try, I decided to put my hair into a style that I would normally wear when using a regular hairspray. As you can see the photos above,illustrate that the style I decided to sport was a quiff.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the spray did not leave my hair with the usual crispy texture to it,that I find with a regular hair spray.
You guys all know exactly what I'm talking about, where the hair sort of congeals together and looks... well id say wet looking :P not really a good look if your honest. I am also pleased to say that my hair held in position all day, and looked pretty much the same when I returned home some what 9 hours later!

This in my personal opinion was very impressive, baring in mind that my hair actually felt almost product free after application. When I later brushed the spray out I was really shocked to find that my hair still felt quite soft, bit free and most importantly hair spray undetectable! :)

All in all I would definitely rate the Essensity Air Fix Pump Spray! It really does do what it says on the tin, so to speak. The only thing I could say is that I am not sure how much this product will cost to purchase from a salon. My guess is that it would exceed the £10 mark, which I would deem to be quite expensive for 200ml of product. How ever on the the plus side, I have not yet seen a product that is similar to this one on the market, so perhaps the higher price tag is justified?

Overall I would say that Schwarzkopf professional have developed another great product. Also as an added bonus Essensity actually initiates tropical reforestation by 70 hectares a year.
This factor definitely bought and sold me, I'm a sucker for the whole saving nature scenario, need I have another excuse to buy! lol :D


Kelly said...

Great Review! Love it! xoxo