Monday, 27 July 2009

Second Hand plan!

(How cute!?)

(One word...Bargain!)

Okay so before my recent holiday to Cyprus my fantastic friend Kelly suggested to me that we should begin to browse our local charity shops in search of a bargain! Now this idea immediately aroused the inner bargain hunter within me, and as sad is it seems was even a topic of discussion during our on holiday!

On Saturday just passed I had a spare half an hour in town before I was to meet my mum. I spotted a British Heart Foundation Charity Shop close by, so decided I would take this time to go and peruse the isles and see what was available.

I was amazed to see just how many bargains there really are out there, and all at such low prices. As the Grinch (One of mine and kels faves shame its a Christmas film lol) once said 'one man's junk is another mans pot pourri' lol and this was certainly the case!

I managed to find a T shirt style top which originally was from Zara, but cost me only £2.80 which is only a snip of what the full retail price would have been. You can see from the pictures above, just how super cute this top is. As you can imagine I was over the moon with this purchase! So a big THANK YOU KELLY! (KELANJO19)your a star!! :) xx


Nicola said...

oooh i may try it!!! great find!!

karen1809 said...

I really recommend it, there is alot of crap but its a case from seeing the wood from the trees :) xx