Saturday, 19 September 2009

21st Birthday Part 2 :D

*Pre warning this is a very snap happy blog post!!!*

I had such an amazing birthday, everyone put in a great deal of effort to make sure that I had a great time. I am so lucky to have received so many nice things.

pics 240

[In all my glory, Look at my scarf eeeee loves it]

pics 016

[Quick snap of me before the meal :)]

Speaking of which Kelly’s mum and dad (Susan and Andrew) bought me some beautiful Swarovski jewellery which was a total surprise.They wrapped my gifts in 3 packages and told me that I had to choose a package and that in fact only 1 contained my gift and the rest were empty.

I chose the middle one which I was informed that Kelly had guessed I would pick ;) (you know me all too well) . I opened the present and found a pair of gorgeous earrings *Squeals* Here is a photo :)

pics 027

[Above: How bloody nice are they!]

Andrew then said to me so are you going to open your ‘empty’ boxes! Yes there were in fact gifts in all 3 boxes, all of which are stunning. I received a Disney thumper charm with tiny little Swarovski crystals all over it :). I also was given a necklace to match my earrings, the photo really doesn't do it enough justice.

pics 030

[My super cute Thumper charm]

pics 025

[Andrew would be proud to see i managed to take a photo showing the reflective colours :) ]

As you can imagine I was over the moon with all my gifts I really can’t believe how much effort everyone made for me.

I need to give special praise to Kelly and Adam who not only bought me my absolutely amazing Louis Vuitton scarf and my Tiffany Necklace (I cant thank you enough guys :) ). They also went through the trouble of arranging personalised helium balloons, mini 21 confetti all over the table.

new 025

[“That’s me!” Yep this is what I squealed when I saw my name.. deerrrr lol]

Not only this but they had a cake specially made for me, equipped with a mini me (edible may I add), and caution sign because I define ‘Accident Prone’ :/

pics 021

[How cool is that, Seriously!! :)]

My mum and her partner (Iain) also bought me a cake decorated with mini handbags and mobile phone. Thank you Mum it was lovely! The entire thing was demolished there and then lol.

pics 020

Being a little ‘Kleptomaniac’ that I am (Thanks Nicola lol !), I have saved all of the little decorations edible or not. They are far too cute to eat.

Hopefully I will be able to show you guys some more photos at the actual meal at a later date. Kelly has them all on her camera so she may even do a post, who knows ;)

So Thank you Kelly, Adam and Gaz, Mum + Iain, Susan + Andrew (mum + dad number 2!), Grandma + Grandad, Gordon and everyone else for all for making my day!!!

Love you all very much! xxxxxxxxx