Friday, 18 September 2009

21st Birthday Pressies! :D

Hello ladies
Well today is my 21st Birthday as many of you who follow me on Twitter already know by now!
What can I say.. I am sooooo lucky to have such fab people to spend my big day with. I have recieved some AMAZING gifts, I cant believe it im so happy with them all.
I have recieved an absolutely gorgeous Louis Vuitton Scarf and Tiffany & Co pendant with todays date engraved on the back (I really cant thanks you guys enough, I love them!xx).
From my boyfriend Gaz, I recieved a silver and gold Michael Kors watch with a beautiful mother of pearl face. Oh and for those of you who read my Tweets last Saturday about how stressed my boyfriend was choosing my gift. This was all just a big ploy, cleverly thought up to throw my off the watch trail! (Damn I got kicks out of the fact he was sweating over it ;)lol).

Gaz also chose me a DKNY purse, which I have to say Kelly did a great job at noting that there was 'spare change' left over from the watch. So being a bloody good friend as she is she lets say, gave him a gentle nudge towards Selfridges lol (You know how the shit goes down KP lol).

My mum bought me a Tiffany & Co Key pendant necklace which again is fab. My mums manfriend (Note:- too old to be a boyfriend!) bought me a silver bracelet. I also got the 21st birthday key and keep sakes.

The plans for the rest of the day are firstly to make the most out of doing absolutely nothing but pampering myself and resting. Later on this evening all my family and close friends are going out for a meal and few drinks (Few?! who the hell am i trying to kid because it certainly isnt working on myself!
Hope you all like my pressies as much as I do!.

Thankyou to all of your who have sent birthday messages to me :D
Im sure there will be lots of candids to update you all with after tonights events.
So thats It for now, I am one happy gal ;)



sweetchie85 said...

Happy birthday!! x

♥lipgloss86 said...

Happy birthday hun xxx

Dannimag said...

Happy Birthday!! Have an awesome one! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooo that is good loot hunni

tina_mbc said...

Oooh amazing presents! :)))
Hope you had an amazing time last night!