Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ultra Bland Cleanser yay or nay?

I recently purchased the Lush Ultra Bland Cleanser from one of my many spur of the moment splurges :)
I wasnt recommended this product however I have heard that some of the other Lush skin products are worth investing in such as Baby Face as recommeded by Dressjunkie and Kelanjo. I generally dislike using any products on my skin and tend only to use baby wipes. This is mainly because i am lucky enough not to have problem skin, so i dont really feel the need for many facial skin products and fear they may create a problem :/ However lost in the moment I decided to bite the bullet and give this cleanser a whirl and to my relief, it is great!
The texture of the cleanser is quite thick and has tiny exfoliating particles that clean out any makeup or dirt from the pores really well. (I was appalled at the amount of 'crap' i would have left on my skin!). The product doesnt have a particularly pleasant scent to it because of the all natural ingrediants and no added perfumes, but by no means is it horrible.
Overall i think this product is really good as it cleanses and moisturises all in one and so left my skin feeling really soft and smooth, so can see why it is one of the Lush cult products! It costs around £8.76 for 100g so isnt cheap, but doesnt break the bank either so its all round YAY! :)

3 comments: said...

Oooohhh, sounds promising! I will have to pick this up :)
Baby wipes are ok as a once in a while thing but you'll regret them in your thirties, the amount of pulling around the eyes etc that they cause. Save them for babies bums :) xx

rainbowdust33 said...

I think I'll have to try this!
I use the ultralight moisturiser and love it! xx

karen1809 said...

i think i will have to invest in some more of these products because iv heard nothing but good things about them. You'll have to keep me informed off what you think! :) xx