Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Life is too short, so use it wisely!

After taking into account all of the devastating and painstakingly sad stories in the news during the past few weeks I have reached the conclusion that life really is too short and we need to use our time wisely! The recent news headlines have all revolved around the tragic and premature deaths of both Jade Goody and Natasha Richardson. Jade lost her life this passing mothers day to cervical cancer, aged only 27. Natasha Richardson passed away last week after a tragic skiing accident left her with brain damage at the age of 45.

It is such a terrible thing to see such young people loosing there lives and leaving behind young families. I think that we should use these tragedies to consider our own lives and how we take life for granted! I personally think that so many of us waste our lives worrying about such petty things and at the same time not fully appreciating just how lucky we all are to have family and friends who love us! :)
I think that life really is for living and we should try not to waste the time we have by hating ourselves or constantly trying to be something else that we are not. We all need to try and love ourselves and instead of trying to change who we are. We all need to stop focusing so much on how we look, so much so that we punish our bodies by:- trying to achieve that unrealistic figure we have in our head, Over using sun beds at our own expense just because we so desperately 'need' a tan.
All of these things seem so trivial when you think about how we are so lucky to have our health. Remember life is what you make it after all so why waste it or shorten the time we have?? :)


legseleven7 said...

Thank you for mentioning Natasha. It's high time someone did.

Stacey said...

I'm glad you mentioned Natasha too, she was a beautiful, charming actress.
Let's try and make the most of life, love your blog btw!x

karen1809 said...

thanks very much for your nice comments! really glad you like it. :) i will try to update more but i have had such alot of work on at uni its hard to find the time of day. that is if i dont want to feel racked with guilt :/ xx