Saturday, 28 March 2009

What is in and out this week!!

What is IN this week?

  • Finishing my 2nd year of Uni, well almost just my 3 exams to do now and thats it untill the end of September YAAAAAAYYYYY!! :)

  • Kelly and I Completing our near 7000 word mini dissertation for Uni, which I have to say looks very impressive!

  • Black nail varnish, I am really feeling it this week.

  • Kellys home cooked 'No Points' Soup, Was absolutely to die for!!

What is OUT this week?

  • Uni assignment deadlines and unrealistic amounts of the stuff! :(

  • Kelly's trapped nerve in her tooth causing her lots of pain, that matched with dentists first diagnosing this as an ulcer (I mean really can u believe it? lol)

  • Horrible hair- I really dont understand why my hair is getting greasy and limp just 1 day from washing it. It used to last me a good 3 days, WTF??

  • The rain coming back, Bring back the sunshine to stay!!

  • Debt collection letters, Really was there really any need for AOL involve a debt collection agency after having only sent me 1 email to a no longer used addy. I mean honestly they even had my address but yet no letters? Final payment fee my bum lol, no one told me about it!!