Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Random Photo

Ok so no one actually tagged me to do this post :/ but i saw it on my friend kellys blog and thought it would be fun to do myself! lol

When i looked in my 4th photo folder and then the 4th photo i was horrified to see this picture, how ever i thought i would post it as i am an honest person and will just have to cope with the shame lol.

There is you will be glad to here a perfectly innocent explanation for this photo. I took the picture of my bra (Primarni special may i add :)) because i had bought the wrong size and decided to sell it on ebay. It was brand new with tags and cost only £4.00, yet some one paid me £6.00 and £1.25 postage even though they knew it cost me less!? Happy Days for me though so i am not by no means complaining.

So there you have it, i did warn you im quite random :p

:) xxxx


Kelly said...

This is a classic Love it!!! xoxoxox