Thursday, 12 March 2009

whats in and whats not!

Whats in this week?

  • Pepsi Max- absolutly love the stuff, in fact i think that this will be a perminant fixture within this section! lol
  • trip to london with best friend kelly, its going to be immense!
  • Knowing i have such fantastic friends and family to support me and help me in any way they can. Yes especially you Kelly :) Mwwaah xx00xx
  • Dove gradual tanner
  • My driving lessons- Im doing really well and much to my suprise LOVE IT!!
  • Birthday cake- one slice and im anyones lol

Whats out this week!

  • Bank charges- really what are they all about, cheeky beggers (could say much worse lol) after what they have done to the economy!
  • University- it sucks all round to be honest too heavy workload, lecturers that should practice what they preach need i say anymore..
  • They rise in younger sufferers of cancer- It is just so sad that people are suffering at such a young age *hugs* for al those impacted by this in some way!
  • My pathetically annoying cough and as of this morning snotty nose to match! oh the joy :/
  • The new hot chocolate vending machines at uni- Bring back the options the new stuff just cant cut it lol


Anonymous said...

Bank charges are unlawful, I'm in the process of claiming mine all back chick. Use the letter template here, I've already had £75 quid back

karen1809 said...

aww thats really nice of u thanks alot for that. I am going to do that asap as they have had loads off of me in the last year! did it take you long to get ur money or hear something back from them? I bank with the Abbey. :) xxx