Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tantastic! :)

Ok so i thought i would do a post about my fab new tan :). Like many I have naturally pale skin and unfortunatly this more often than not turns purple with the cold. Along with this i have also been blessed with what i call 'cornbeef legs' lol. Yeah thats right, you know what im talking about and it is not a good look.
I was up until last september, quite a heavy sun bed user until after my holidays i just couldnt find time to use them. I then decided to try and embrace the paleness but with my friend kelly's skin colour becoming more bronzed by the day i couldnt ignore the need to be brown too! lol
After a recent visit to River Island to find a new outfit i realised that my skin colour seemed to make all the outfits i tried on look so bland.
After being recommended Doves summer glow tinted moisteriser by Kelly (kelanjo), i decided to give it a whirl. I found the product really easy to apply and didnt take very long to soak in. The scent of the cream doesnt have a strong fake tan smell to it as the others i have tried, instead it is more subtle with the traditional dove domineering.
I really recommend this product because i find that the result is really natural looking and develops evenly. I bought the medium to dark skin lotion because i new the results would be more apparent. I applied the cream in the evening after showering and by morning the resluts were great. I have included pictures to show what my skin looked like before and after appling the product on 3 occations. I have to point out that the photos really do not do this product the justice it deserves, so i would recommend you try it out for yourselves :) xx